Essential Treatments

Perfect Balance Facial (with or without extractions)  $99
​Perfectly balanced for everyone, because this is not a “one size fits all” facial. Whether you’re dehydrated, dry, oily, rosacea, sensitive, reactive or suffer from acne this facial is customized to every individual. Includes cleanse, thorough skin analysis, appropriate exfoliation, extractions (if needed), advanced serums, mask and/or LED Light Therapy and finishing products.

LED Red Light Therapy Facial  $129
Stimulates collagen and elastin production, accelerates tissue restoration , reduces redness and inflammation. This full service treatment includes cleanse, exfoliation, serum(s), 40-45min of LED Red Light Therapy and finishing products. You’ll LOVE the anti-aging results and it’s amazing for rosacea!

LED Blue Light Therapy  $129
Helps control acne by targeting the bacteria (propioni bacterium) that causes cysts and acne breakouts. Targets bacteria in current breakouts as well as bacteria that lurks under the skin. This full service treatment includes cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, appropriate serum(s), 20-30 min of Blue LED Light Therapy and finishing products.

​Breakouts and Acne Clearing Facial with Extractions  $120
Skin congestion and breakouts occur at different levels and for different reasons. This facial helps clear congested pores, soothes redness, calms inflammation and refreshes agitated skin. It begins with a double cleanse,
followed by a thorough skin analysis, extractions, BHA peel (if not contraindicated), specialized clearing and calming serums for congested skin, oxgyenating mask, re-application of serums, appropriate moisturizer
and SPF. For clear, calmer, smoother skin.

Hand & Foot Refresher  $99
This treatment is a must for overworked and neglected hands and feet. Includes: an exfoliating peel to remove dead, dull, rough skin; followed by a soothing and relaxing application of intense hydrating oils. Hands and feet are then bathed in a hydration masque w/ warm towels for 15 minutes. After the removal of the hydrating masque, hands and feet are drenched in rich moisture. For refreshed hands and feet that you’re not afraid to show off.

“Skin Revival” Body Scrub  $120
An exquisite blend of sea Salt, Coconut Oil, and Honey make this body scrub an effective exfoliator while also drenching the skin in natural humectants, for softer, smoother skin. Product is removed with warm towels and a body
moisturizer is applied to further protect and hydrate. A treat for chronically dry and dehydrated skin.

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